Frequently Asked Questions

Does KDCDC offer grants or repayable loans?

KDCDC offers terms loans, loan guarantees, and equity investments to new and existing businesses for business start-up or business expansion. These investments are not considered as grants and are therefore repayable.

Will KDCDC help me create a business?

KDCDC offers guidance when building your business plan! We can also offer technical advice, business counselling, information and referral services to small and medium sized businesses.

What kinds of programs does KDCDC offer?

KDCDC offers the following:

  • Business Development Services
  • Investment in Business
  • Young Entrepreneurship Program
  • Business Planning Initiative
  • Community Development

What is the average interest rate?

Interest rates vary.

What is the criterion for getting a loan?

A business plan (CFDC staff can provide advice). Knowing the who, what, where, when and why of your business. The ability to repay the investment; job creation/maintenance in the community. In addition we look at the ability to repay and the number of jobs created

  • Project description
  • Financials
  • Management experience

Please note that these requirements are not limited as to what is described above. KDCDC reserves the right to require additional information to properly assess a request for funding.

What does KDCDC Charge for Advisory Services?

Nothing. All services we offer to small business owners and entrepreneurs is free of charge.

Can I walk in or are appointments necessary?

Walk ins are welcome, we have many business resources to help you. If our loans officer is busy someone will book an appointment for you in the near future.

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